cosmetic formulation

The process of COSMETIC formulation

Our Beaut”ique” Formulation

The cosmetic industry is constantly evolving! What’s “on-trend” in beauty care? What are the newest/freshest care quality products on the market? What products are appealing to consumers? As the leading makeup manufacturers in Australia, we make it our mission to address all these pertinent questions so you don’t have to. Utilizing our 16 years of experience our expert staff formulates the ideal personal care products to meet your specific needs.

Tailored for you

We believe in using the latest in cosmetic technology to provide the best in beauty care.  Do you need assurance that your ideas of what formulas should be–will meet your expectations? We satisfy that need by strict adherence to high-quality standards and realise the importance of implementing accelerated formula stability testing. Our perfect formula for success relies on aptly visualising and initiating your vision to your satisfaction. Contact skincare & cosmetic contract manufacturers Today!

1. Custom Formulation

There is always a market for new ideas in the cosmetic industry. What’s yours? The professional chemists on our team customize your product idea to your specifications.  Do you have an idea for a revolutionary new custom skin care product? Pick a category. Various cleansers, facial sheet masks, exfoliation treatments, moisturizing creams, skin lightening products, and other types of products make our “yes” list. We help you establish your vision so you see your idea to fruition.

2. Research & Development

Our research and development process jump-starts the custom products that appeal to your specific industry niche. Our quality control goes beyond stability and longevity testing, we also ensure the proper safety guidelines are followed. The focus on you achieving success never wavers, your product is unique and valued by our team.

3. testing & quality

Quality and quantity can go hand-in-hand. How do we keep our focus on quality and order fulfillment? We apply a two-step process. First, we test our products while in the development stage and then later during the filling stage. Our technologically advanced equipment and the precise filling requirements we meet for our customers every day facilitate smooth transactions between us and our clients.

Our Guarantee

If you are looking for a dependable cosmetic industry resource, look no further. We understand the beauty and personal care market and will put in the effort so your dream can be realized. What are the most effective ways to make sure your brand is in the spotlight? Our expertise in skincare can drive your vision to profitability. Contact the best Australia cosmetic manufacturers for your skincare product development today!

Cutting Out the Red Tape

Every industry has its share of pitfalls/stalls. Our industry knowledge extends to the global industry. Regulatory compliance and frustrating “red tape” are a part of any industry equation. We help you understand the “ins” and “outs” of product registration and international regulations to avoid any legal fallout.

Stabilizing Your Investment

Your skincare product’s stability rests on our expert team of chemists. We acknowledge our own responsibility in producing a formula that is laboratory tested and safe for use. We believe in earning your trust, so we send you a tested sample before full-scale private label cosmeceutical manufacturing begins.

Protecting Your Delivery

We package your product with protection and effectiveness in mind.

Once the manufacturing process begins any bottles, tubes, pumps, jars or other similar casings of your product are packed in boxes immediately to ensure extra protection.

Testing to Success

Stringent testing plays a large part in the high-quality service we provide. We uphold rigorous standards because we know what selling quality products mean for your entrepreneurial success.

Making Contacts

Do you have a skincare or cosmetic product vision that needs a platform? Contact our team of cosmetology experts today and find out how we can help you take one more step towards becoming a successful organic skincare manufacturer in Australia.