Formulate Your Own Facial Masks

H&H Australia is one of the leading facial mask manufacturers in Australia, helping skincare and cosmetic brands create custom facial mask formulas.

Using high-quality, natural ingredients, we develop certified 100% Australian-made facial sheet masks that you can add to your product line.

Unique Facial Mask Formulation

The Australian beauty and personal care products industry was valued at AUD 5.06 billion in 2020 and is projected to register a CAGR of 3.87% between 2021 and 2026. The most consumed products in the industry are colour cosmetics and skincare. These are greatly influenced by social media.

The skincare hype isn’t disappearing anytime soon. As a result, it’s not too late to jump onto the trend and create your own skincare line. Facial sheet masks, popular among skincare enthusiasts, provide you with a variety of products that you can capitalise on.

H&H Australia has been in the beauty industry since 2003. We’ve supported start-ups and high-end brands in the industry by formulating their products and expanding their product lines. With our expertise, you can introduce new facial sheet masks to your skincare line or launch a completely new skincare start-up.

With H&H Australia, anything is possible.

Facial Mask Manufacturing Process

1. Formulation

It might seem like there’s an answer to every skin problem out there, what with the number of skincare products currently on the market. But there’s always space for new ideas. If you have one, our professional chemists can help you customise face sheet masks to your specifications.

2. Research and Development

We don’t come up with formulations solely based on existing data. Our research and development team works hard to ensure every product combination and formula we produce follow all safety guidelines. In line with this, we implement thorough quality control, ensuring only the best finished products go to your customers.

3. Testing and Quality

Decades in the industry have taught us the value of investing in the right technology and equipment to ensure the quality testing and precise creation of beauty products.

Using our two-step process of testing products in the development stage and then again at the filling stage, and as a result we ensure that you get the results you require.

Why Choose H&H Australia

H&H Australia understands the beauty and personal care industry, thanks to our years of experience. Our industry knowledge extends to recognising the importance—and the frustrating process—of achieving regulatory compliance.

We help our clients understand everything about product registration and international regulations to keep you compliant and avoid legal ramifications.

Our team is made up of experienced chemists and we thoroughly test the facial masks and the serums they’re soaked in. Next, we package your products with their effectiveness in mind. This is why every pack of face masks is sealed and protected.

With an expert facial sheet mask manufacturer and supplier supporting your vision, you can turn your plans into profitable products.

Start Your Own Line of Facial Sheet Masks

H&H Australia is a private label skincare specialist and wholesale facial mask supplier, helping beauty brands — from start-ups you haven’t heard to the high-end ones you know and love — formulate and manufacture facial sheet masks.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your vision for your sheet mask line.