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Where Can I Sell My Skin Care Products?

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Establishing your own skin care brand and what to know about where to sell your products? The skin care industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, with the market only growing. But finding the right sales channel can be hard, as there are so many different options available. That’s where this guide will help you, as we’ve put together a list of the best options to answer your question of “where can I sell my skin care products?”

Where Can I Sell My Skin Care Products – An eCommerce Website


where can I sell my skin care products

Shopify makes it easy to make your own webstore with premade themes. Source: 99designs

For those asking “where can I sell my skin care products”, Shopify would have to be near the top of the list of answers. Being a dedicated platform for individuals to build their brand and sell their products, Shopify makes the whole process easy. Their platform makes it easy for you to create your own store and fill it with your products.

Shopify’s experience in the eCommerce industry also means you get easy to use interfaces and a reliable website. Your customers get to experience a smooth shopping experience that is free of bugs and glitches. Shopify is also great for use in conjunction with other tools that help your business grow, such as Google and social media ads on Facebook or Instagram.


If you’re looking to become a more elaborate online retailer, WooCommerce is the perfect platform for you. Featuring more capabilities than Shopify, this platform has more customisation and adjustability. It also allows you to choose a wider range of payment options for your customers to use when shopping on your site. As a long term option, WooCommerce is a better bet than Shopify, but does need more technical skills to use and set up.

Where Can I Sell My Skin Care Products – Online Marketplaces


where can I sell my skin care products

Amazon is a popular platform where people can easily find and buy your products. Source:

One of the largest eCommerce platforms in the world, Amazon is a great answer to the question of “where can I sell my skin care products?”. Many people already use Amazon to buy products online. A big reason for this is the usability of the website, which gives users a better experience compared to alternatives. 

As a business owner, you can become a third-party seller on Amazon with your own beauty product lines. To help sell your products, provide as many accurate descriptions of your products and contact details as possible. This helps build your credibility and trustworthiness, which is very important in the online space for smaller or startup companies.


Focusing on niche and handmade products, Etsy is another platform that is great for selling your skin care products. This platform is best for skin care brands or product lines that revolve around organic or natural products for women. That’s because the type of people who use Etsy the most expect this kind of product on the platform. 

Regardless of the type of product you’re selling, Etsy is an excellent platform for a number of other reasons. As a seller, setting up your account and online store is more simple and straightforward compared to competitors. And Etsy also has an integrated advertising platform called Etsy Ads. It lets you create and manage ads for your brand and products in an easy way, showing ads within the Etsy platform and helping you grow your business.

Where Can I Sell My Skin Care Products – Social Media 


where can I sell my skin care products

Selling on social media is a great strategy to grow your business. Source: Later Blog

Social media platforms have become a powerful tool for brands big and small to sell themselves and their products. They also make for great places to sell your skin care products for many reasons. In particular, the platform is image based, which is great to show the aesthetics and brand identity of your business. This also leads into the ability to show the effectiveness of your skin care products, such as through comparison photos or with lifestyle imagery. 

Instagram also gives you the ability to create a verified business profile, which helps build your credibility. This account then allows you to set up an Instagram Shopping account, where you can add your products for sale on their platform. Another great feature of Instagram is that it allows you to directly engage with your followers and customers, giving you valuable feedback.

Tik Tok

The Tik Tok is a short form video platform that has an audience that is younger and highly engaged. This makes it a great option when your target audience is of a younger demographic. When selling your skin care products on Tik Tok, creative and attention grabbing videos and thumb nails are a must. 

The algorithm on this platform also favours content that follows current trends. Because of this, it’s important to look at what type of Tik Tok content is popular overall and what your competitors are doing that is successful. Influencer promotion is another key in making your skin care business successful on Tik Tok, with the audience being more impressionable.

Where Can I Sell My Skin Care Products – Offline Options 

Local Markets

where can I sell my skin care products

Setting up a local market stall lets potential customers see and try your products before they purchase

What are some other options for “where can I sell my skin care products” that aren’t online? The best traditional option for selling your skin care products is through a local market stall. With one, customers get to see and touch your products before they decide on buying it. This isn’t possible on online marketplaces, and having people test your products is a great advantage. 

A local market stall also gives you the most direct access to customer feedback. You can use the feedback to then improve your products according to the market demand. Your market stall is also great in conjunction with an online store, where customers have the opportunity to buy from you when your stall is closed. 

Boutique Shops

where can I sell my skin care products

Distributing your products to boutique stores is a great way to get discovered and gain a positive reputation

Having your products and brand sold in a small boutique retailer is another great option for “where can I sell my skin care products”. Local or niche boutiques have an existing customer base that matches your target market, exposing your products to more of the right people. Getting your brand and product line sold at a boutique also lifts its credibility and prestige, as the trust people have in the store is transferred to your brand. 

Local boutique shops also have the benefit of attracting many people who prefer to support local products. This gives you a leg up over more well known brands that have more resources to promote themselves and have better credibility. However one thing to look out for is the margins in which the boutique takes. Some have fees that make it unprofitable for you to sell with them, so negotiating a good deal is crucial.

Get Your Products Into The Hands of Customers Today!

With a wide variety of options, the question of “where can I sell my skin care products” is easy to answer. Shopify, Amazon, Instagram and even the local markets are all great places to start, and have their own unique advantages. And for more information and advice on the business of skin care head over to our blog today!