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5 Profitable Beauty Business Ideas

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Do you have a professional background in beauty or have dreamed of being part of the industry, but don’t know where to start? These are five profitable beauty business ideas you can do!

The Beauty Industry

The 21st century has been a trend of self-confidence and improvement, forming mainly through the power of beauty products and services. This has been proven to be a profitable industry as the cosmetic industry contributes $22 billion in retail. The beauty industry is a colourful and pretty space for people to experiment with colours, formulas, and fragrances, all with a mission to help people look and feel their best.  

Makeup Artists

Beauty influencers have been on a rise on social media platforms and have taken makeup as an art form to express themselves. If you are creative, love colour, and want to help others feel their best, then starting a beauty blog or becoming a freelance makeup artist is a great beauty business idea.

Beauty Business Ideas

Let your creative side run loose and bring new looks to have your audience in awe!

Build Your Portfolio

Creating a portfolio of your best work is one of the most important steps to kick off your career. It is a way to showcase your skills and styles to potential clients. 

You can easily set up an online portfolio for free on social media like Instagram, Tick Tock, etc. Start posting your work and develop a reputation as the go-to artist for special occasions. 

Brow and Lash Technician 

Not only are the eyes the focal point of the face, but they are the centre of the beauty industry. Eye makeup is the most profitable segment in the beauty industry with nearly $2 billion in the market. Therefore, becoming a brow and lash technician is a great business opportunity, as the market is always looking for ways to further amplify the eyes.  

Brow and lash studios are popping off all over the world. There are different options for how a customer wants to get their eyebrows done such as micro-blading, tinting, and lamination. However, to perform lamination brows, having certification as an aesthetician, permanent makeup artist or cosmetologist is a must.

Spray Tan Salon Owner

Sunbathing is a seasonal activity people are given to have tanned-looking skin. However, operating a spray tan salon will allow sun-kissed skin all year round. This is a great beauty business idea as sunless tanners are expected to reach $1.1 billion in the market.  

Although it is a competitive industry, this type of business presents an opportunity to satisfy the growing demand for organic, safe, longer-lasting products and processes. 

There are two main options on how you want to start a spray tanning business. The first option is to open a mobile tanning salon and bring the glow while on the go. Or another option is to rent a space. It is important to research and invests in the right equipment that aligns with what your brand stands for.

Beauty Business Ideas

 You know what they say, the eyes can tell a story, so why not let them pop? 

Nail Salon

Apart from makeup, people are using their nails to express themselves. Every client has different preferences and nail types so this is a great opportunity to let your skills shine! Nail salons offer many services beyond hands and feet, this includes cleaning, cutting, shaping, colour application, repair, polish application, etc. 

With nail art having become a profitable business, this is a great beauty business ideas, especially among social media.

Beauty Business Ideas

Nail care and art are a must to complete your full look!


With more people focusing on their appearance and style, hairdressing has become a rapidly growing industry in Australia. Once you have gained experience and shaped your skills, there are plenty of opportunities awaiting. You can also be your boss and become a self-employed hairdresser!

What qualifications do you need?

Even though you can immediately start working as an assistant at a local salon and get on-the-job training, obtaining qualifications will help you succeed in the industry.

Certificate 1 

This is the entry-level qualification for hairdressing in Australia. Certificate I, allows you to work semi-independently, and gain personal experience. This is done by performing specific tasks and managing people in the workplace.

Certificate II

Certificate II involves practical learning of skills required to become an efficient hairdresser. Additionally, this certificate will give you an understanding of organising teams, and tools, selling products, styling hair, massaging scalps, handling stocks, and fixing chemically damaged locks.

Certificate III

If you want to get into the professional level of hairdressing, you need to obtain certificate III. With this certification, you have the supervisory and technical skills to become a professional hairdresser. Becoming a hairdresser in South Australia and New South Wales requires certificate III.

Certificate IV or advanced certification in hairdressing

To become a salon manager or if you want to run your salon, you can choose an advanced diploma in hairdressing. This certification builds the skills and knowledge you obtained from previous certificates. You must have previous credentials to complete certificate IV.

Beauty Business Ideas

A great way to express yourself is to style your hair, give everyone this opportunity with your skills!

How much does it cost to start a salon?

When thinking of opening your beauty business ideas, finances are the primary concern. Your goal is to be profitable as quickly as possible, but the start-up costs can make you anxious. 

To start, let’s determine what your likely fixed costs will be on a regular monthly basis. Fixed costs are your salon’s expenses that do not change with sales volume and are typically non-negotiable. Examples of these may include:

  • Insurance
  • Rent
  • Utilities
  • Equipment

On the other hand, there are variable costs. These are easier to manage and can represent opportunities where you could potentially cut costs and save money. 

  • Labour costs
  • Products and tools used 
  • Shipping and delivery costs to replenish products
  • Advertising and marketing expenses

You must keep track of and manage your expenses. This is to ensure your business can fund current commitments, meet your objectives and make confident financial decisions.

Opportunities Await with Your Beauty Business Ideas

It is time to live out your dreams and put your qualifications to use with these beauty business ideas. Click here for more beauty business development tips to kickstart your business!