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The 5 Surprising Green Tea Skin Benefits

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Why is everyone making green tea skin products? Why is it so popular? What even is it? If you’re looking to make your own skincare brand, you will have come across a green tea phenomenon. And this is especially true with the current market shift towards buying products with natural ingredients. So, should you use green tea in your skincare line? This article covers all you need to know about green tea skin benefits as a topical treatment. 

Green tea has been exploding across the world as an ingredient for skincare

What is Green Tea?

Originating in China, green tea is harvested and then processed with heat to preserve its condition. Black tea on the other hand is oxidised and then dried. In other words, green tea maintains its natural condition more than black tea, hence the different flavour. Green tea is most popular in China and Japan, which are also the main producers.

Drinking green tea provides many benefits, from lowering blood pressure to improving brain function through its caffeine content. 

What are the Green Tea Skin Benefits?

Acne treatment

The antioxidant properties of green tea make it an effective acne treatment

In terms of benefits for skin, green tea is beneficial for acne reduction. This is the result of the antioxidant EGCG. This compound is mainly found in green tea, and acts to reduce sebum (oil) production levels in the skin. As a result, the reduction in sebum will stop pores from clogging and lead to fewer pimples and acne. Green tea face masks are a great method of topical application of green tea.

Skin Protection

Green tea has shown an ability to protect against skin cancer. The Vitamin E in green tea protects people from the DNA damage that can occur from UV exposure. This in turn produces an anti-aging effect, as UV rays from the sun accelerate the aging process of our skin.

Reduced inflammation

Sensitive skin can be stressful to take care of. People who have it may experience regular inflammation on areas of their skin without an obvious reason. In such cases, the application of green tea is the right treatment option as it is proven to have anti-inflammatory properties and is safe for most skin types

Reduced puffiness

The ingredient of caffeine in green tea is a known vasoconstrictor, which means it shrinks blood vessels. This action reduces puffiness and darkness in the face through topical use, with creams and face masks.


More compounds that add to the list of green tea benefits for skin are Vitamin B2 and Vitamin E. Vitamin B2 is beneficial for the maintenance of collagen levels in skin, whilst Vitamin e promotes new skin cell growth and locks in moisture. The combined effects prevent the premature aging of skin. 

Get Green Tea For Your Skin Care Line

Green tea is just what your skincare line needs

With all of these benefits, it’s no wonder that green tea has been a trending ingredient in skin care products. From its ability to control oily skin, to protecting against sun damage. Head over to HH Australia for help with the integration of green tea to your skincare line. With a wide range of services to completely take care of production and manufacturing, it’s never been as easy to make top quality, market-leading products.