Cost-Effective Shrink Wrap Packaging Solutions

Keep your products clean and secure with H&H Australia’s shrink wrap packaging solutions for businesses.

Our shrink wrap services ensure products and packages of various sizes remain tamper-resistant in transit without the need for expensive and bulky packaging.

Send Your Products Out in Shrink Wrap Packaging

Every day, thousands of products are delivered across Australia, from retail grocery items to industrial products. These items need to arrive at their destination, whether it’s a distributor or consumer, properly packed and untampered. 

One of the best ways to ensure these items arrive in excellent condition is through the use of shrink wrap packaging.

Shrink wrapping is the process of wrapping items in a plastic film and applying heat to the surface to shrink the plastic. As this happens, the plastic conforms to the shape of the object and effectively seals itself.

H&H Australia offers shrink wrap packaging services for businesses that need their products protected. With our cutting-edge shrink wrapping equipment and high-quality plastic film wrap, you can be confident that we’ll deliver perfectly wrapped items and bundles that are protected from the elements.

Advantages of Shrink Wrap Packaging

Protects Products

Shrink wrap packaging adds another layer of protection to items, creating a seal and preventing them from sustaining damage. And because shrink wraps are durable, they prevent tampering.

These features are important in most product packaging, especially for items like food, beverages and medicine. Any tampering in shrink-wrapped products will be noticeable, making it easy to separate consumables that may have been compromised.

Preserves product quality

Extreme weather conditions affect different products. Too much heat can cause food items to spoil while freezing temperatures can warp and create cracks on wood, leather and glass.

Shrink wrap creates a tight seal using durable plastic. As such, items are protected from the elements, as well as dust, dirt, and moisture.

Maximise packing space

Plenty of product manufacturers use shrink wrap packaging to bundle items together. This eliminates the need to pack items using additional bulky materials such as boxes.

When you use boxes for individual item packaging, particularly for products that are irregularly shaped, you’re wasting a lot of space. However, shrink wrap can be enough to keep these items packed securely while allowing you to make the most of spaces in between irregularly shaped products.

Why Choose H&H Australia?

H&H Australia is a leading organisation when it comes to shrink-wrap packaging, trusted by many companies in Sydney to keep their products safe and secure.

We use the most durable pieces of shrink-wrapping equipment and the highest-grade shrink wrapping films to protect all your products. Our staff works diligently to shrink wrap all products on time.

Whether you manufacture cosmetic products that need to be kept away from moisture or you run a soda company and need cans bundled together, you can rely on H&H Australia’s affordable shrink wrap services.

Protect Your Products with Shrink Wrap

H&H Australia is a private label and product packaging services company, providing high-quality shrink wrap services for clients in Australia.

Get in touch with us today so we can discuss your shrink wrap packaging needs.