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Why Sheet Masks are a Must for Your Private Skincare Range

As the savvy owner of your own private skincare label, you want to be on top of the latest skincare fads and trends. This task however might be a bit daunting. Skin care trends usually fizzle out quickly which might leave you with a lot of stock sitting in your warehouse. So which trend can you bank on becoming a mainstay in the industry?

The answer: sheet masks.

Sheet masks are a relative newcomer to the skincare scene, but they look to become a mainstay thanks to their overwhelming benefits and sheer popularity.

So join us as we explain what sheet masks are and why they need to be a part of your private skincare range!

What are Sheet Masks?

So first things first, what exactly is a sheet mask? A sheet mask is a mask which is coated in a viscous liquid of hydrating, skin-loving ingredients. These can range from the common concoctions of aloe vera, tea tree and green tea to more rare ingredients such as snail mucin and hyaluronic acid.

They differ from face masks as sheet masks make use of an actual ‘sheet’ to treat your face.

The ‘sheet’ is made of cotton, cellulose or fiber and has holes for your mouth and eyes. To use a sheet mask, you simply line up the holes over your mouth and eyes. Once on, all that’s left to do is to relax and let it sit for 15-20 minutes!

How does a sheet mask work?

Sheet masks are a treat for your skin. They work by providing a more intense concentration of their ingredients to your face. The mask itself allows the solution to sink into your skin which hydrates and nourishes your face. Once your relaxing 15 minutes are up, you’ll be left with a much more radiant, plump and brighter complexion!

What skincare benefits can sheet masks give me?

Sheet masks can provide you a host of benefits depending on the ingredients it has. Here are some examples of different sheet mask ingredients and how they can help your skin:

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is great at soothing skin; reducing redness and puffiness. It is also a great way to heal any cuts, wounds or scratches.

Green Tea

Green tea’s anti-inflammatory properties makes it a great ingredient in reducing redness. It also helps treat acne and fight premature aging.


Bamboo has a high level of silica which is a mineral that helps keep skin firm, plump and fine line-free.


Honey has antibacterial properties, making it great for healing wounds. It also keeps dry skin moist and firm.


Cucumber is a refreshing ingredient which reduces puffiness, swelling and irritation. It’s also known to aid acne-prone skin.


Collagen is a natural occurring protein which works to keep skin firm, plump and elastic. It’s great for brightening dull skin and revitalising your face.

Snail Mucin

The aforementioned snail mucin may sound off putting but in fact, it is a fantastic moisturising, hydrating ingredient. It’s anti ageing properties also smooth out wrinkles and fine lines and fade dark spots and scars.

How often should I use sheet masks?

Sheet masks can be used as often as once a day, with some users going as far as using two packs a day. However, for those just starting with sheet masks, a “pack a week” is a good starting point.

When putting on a sheet mask, your face should be thoroughly cleansed and toned. Don’t apply moisturiser before putting on a mask! Instead, apply it right after as it will help lock in all the goodness from your sheet mask.

Sheet masks should be left on for 10-20 minutes, but no longer than that! While sheet masks are fantastic moisturisers and hydrators, leaving them on for too long can in fact have the opposite effect, leaving your face tight and dry. 

Why should you include them in your range?

Sheet masks are a great addition to any skincare range. By spruiking their benefits, you can advertise them as a great pairing to any product! Their relatively cheap price also makes them a great inclusion in special offers or limited time deals. In fact, many skincare businesses often include a free sheet mask or two to customers who make a substantial purchase.

Also, highlighting their incredible ease of use is a good way to target those new to skincare. A sheet mask’s no fuss functionality means that they are easily applied yet incredibly beneficial – perfect for a rookie skincare enthusiast!

In addition, current skincare trends show that sheet masks are only at the beginning of an upward trajectory. The global skincare market is projected to expand by more than 4% through 2025, with mask sales expected to grow at almost two and a half times that rate! It’s more than enough reason to start including them in your range today.

Expand your range with sheet masks today!

Often thought to be a fad, sheet masks have become a key component in skincare routines all over the world. And with their projected growth, now is the perfect time to look into adding sheet masks into your private skincare range.

With a wide variety of types and easily advertisable benefits, it’s a no brainer!

So who can help you get started? We can! At H&H Australia, we help you build your skincare brand and assist you in growing your label.

Whether it’s adding a new line of products (like sheet masks) to your range or helping you market your brand – our team of knowledgeable private labelling staff is here to help! Contact us today!